I Try to Keep the Focus on Parenting.

The blog is starting to irritate the children.

Shane came to me the other day and said, “I heard you are putting extremely personal details about me in your blog.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, truly puzzled.

“Like Granddad said that he read in your blog that I was taking Lilly to the dance,” he said. “That’s very personal.”

That’s personal?” I asked, relieved. “You’re going to be at the dance with someone in front of the entire fourth grade class! I don’t see how that is a personal detail.”

We discussed it for a minute. “I do not intentionally put anything in my blog to harm you,” I told him. “But you are welcome to read it whenever you’d like and let me know if it bothers you.”

Shane didn’t care to read it. Dylan reads it once in awhile.

A few days went by. Then over dinner, we were discussing Dylan’s pill dosage. He is taking one-and-a-half pills this week, instead of the single pill he took last week.

He pointed at me. “And she’s going to write all about it in her blog,” Dylan said, as if this were a bad thing. “Because she has to write every single thing about my pills and my ADHD and everything that happens to me!”

He didn’t seem angry. A bit loud, probably thanks to the extra half pill, but not angry.

Still, I wonder how much longer they’ll allow me to broadcast the details of their lives on a website – even if it’s a website very few people read.

I try to keep the focus on parenting. After all, I’m writing this blog because I wished for years that someone had written one that I could read, to know I wasn’t alone in my struggles.

I want to help other parents who have kids with ADHD or vision processing disorder or – well, anyone with kids!

I like reading stories about the lives of other moms. It makes me feel less alone. And I think the honesty in my blog is important. I want to portray both good and bad, because nothing is all roses and bluebirds – least of all while parenting a tween and a teen.

So I hope they will allow me this little respite in my life, this one thing that I do for me – and for other parents. I hope they can understand that my sharing about them is for a greater good, to help kids and parents everywhere.

Even if, for now, readership is limited. Hopefully, somehow, it is helping.

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