But I Am Worried.

With four weeks left of 7th grade, Dylan’s grade-and-assignment report is terrifying.

It’s a standard scale of A through F, but they don’t use “F” anymore because of the stigma that the word “failure” implies. They use “E” instead. (The stigma is still there.)


Keeping in mind that Dylan has great athletic capabilities, wants to be an engineer, and sings like an angel, here are Dylan’s grades in the classes where he is allowed to move and make noise:

In PHYS. ED, he has a high B.  He got straight A’s but has 3 missing assignments.

In CHORUS, he has a low B. He got all A’s – but is missing 2 assignments and has one irrevocable E. Last week, Dylan forgot to bring a pencil, paper or binder to class.

In ENGINEERING, he has a low A. His projects were all awesome – except for the incredible foamboard house he designed. He forgot to put in doors.


Now, keeping in mind that Dylan can’t think while sitting still for more than four seconds, here are his grades for his non-movement classes:

In SOCIAL STUDIES, he has a low B. He started off with two D’s, then got all A’s. Well… his teacher gave him full credit for assignments that were turned in last week – and due 6 weeks ago.

In SCIENCE, he has an E. His grades are all A’s and C’s, but he has 4 missing assignments. For some reason, Dylan isn’t worried about this failing grade in the slightest.

In ENGLISH, he has a low B. In this class, his assignments drop a grade when his work is late – and all of Dylan’s work is late. But his teacher is persistent, so today he only has one missing assignment.

In ALGEBRA, Dylan has a dangerously low D. He has 7 A’s and 10 E’s. All the E’s are for missing or incomplete work.


Dylan has five years until he goes college. Only four years until he applies. And he still claims that he doesn’t “know” what homework he has, when it’s due, or what he’s supposed to finish for whatever class.

People say things like, “he’ll come around” and “don’t worry.” And I know that it’s not my job to do/find/fix his work for him.

But I am worried.  Oh my, I am worried.


  1. Kirsten says:

    We are never alone! Thanks for sharing – I always feel better knowing it’s not just MY kid…!

  2. lorrie says:

    Guess what Kir, we have exactly the same problem with Joy. Her teacher says she’s a leader in her class, has the ability to excel academically, but gets bad grades because she doesn’t turn in her work (class or home) even when it’s completed. Go figure!

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