Who is Jose Fuentes-Martinez?

I’m preparing for next week’s IEP meeting at Dylan’s school.  After two very rough weeks, we’ve learned that the new special ed coordinator and the new case manager are completely confused.

For example, at last year’s IEP meeting, the conversation went something like this:

ME:  “Dylan needs someone to make sure he’s on task.  He’s tired in English.  It’s 7th period.”

CASE MANAGER:  “My office is in that room anyway, so I’ll be there if he needs any help.”

TRANSLATION to the IEP:  “Dylan will receive the support of a special educator or para educator in Advanced English.”

So this year, they sent a person to stand next to him in English.

We put a stop to that immediately, since Dylan’s main goal is to appear normal.  After all, he’s in middle school.

But the new special ed coordinator and the new case manager are very difficult to train.  They sent me the IEP to review – and it was addressed “To the Parents of Jose Fuentes-Martinez.”

These two simply don’t pay attention to the details.  And Dylan is suffering because of it.  Of his case manager, he says, “She’s making me look more like a moron than everybody already thinks I am.”

We’re trying to get under the radar here.  We’re trying not to publically humiliate him.  Yet, in the first three weeks of school, our new special ed team has humiliated him four separate times – not including the day he had to change his schedule to get “support” in English.

But the first note of order at next week’s meeting will be: who the heck is Jose Fuentes-Martinez?

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