This Morning Was Wonderful.

Last night, I told Dylan that I’ve missed him in the mornings. I do. He’s been getting up early, while I sleep, and making his own breakfast and lunch. He’s been leaving for the bus without so much as a “good morning,” let alone a “goodbye.”

But last night, after just a mention of my missing him, he asked if I could come downstairs in the morning. I jumped at the chance. I made him eggs with cheese and faux bacon. I threw a slice of banana bread on his plate and a handful of ripe, organic strawberries.

“This is the best breakfast I’ve ever seen,” he said.

It was possibly the greatest compliment I’ve ever received.

I guess there are going to be moments when Dylan is Dylan again – basically just a nice person to have around. He has always been a kind person. He had empathy for other people when he was born, and he’s such an enthusiastic, optimistic person in his soul. It’s been hard to watch middle school squash that light – but sometimes it comes back.

This morning was wonderful. He was bright and funny and a true joy.

He even complimented the breakfast again.  “Usually when I eat breakfast, I save my favorite for last. But today I want to save everything for last!”

I am no cook. And I don’t expect that he’ll ever compliment anything I do, ever again. But it sure did make my day to spend the morning with him, knowing he felt well-nourished and happy.

I wish I could do more for him, but he needs me to back off instead – and let him do what he needs to do. So I will.

And I will also – cautiously – enjoy today.

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