It is Time to Make Resolutions.

Happy New Year! It is time to make resolutions, which are always tough. But I keep thinking about the year I completely gave up candy – which was incredibly hard, but I did it.

So this year, since I went back to eating candy the following year, I resolve to lose 30 pounds. I have re-joined the gym and am also giving up processed sugar (raisins are allowed) for the first 20 days of January, so this should not be as extravagant a goal as one might think.

The fact that I have no working thyroid, however, may hinder this process.

So I need to focus my attentions on other things, too. Since there is no earthly way that my boys will come up with their OWN New Year’s resolutions, I have decided to come up with some resolutions for them.

Obviously, since they are quite different from one another, they will need different resolutions.

For Dylan:

  1. Resolve to turn in all overdue classwork within 24 hours of its due date.
  2. Resolve to put down the cell phone for at least 30 minutes per day. (Anything more than that would be impossible.)
  3. Resolve to wear a retainer once a week, whether or not I think I need it.

For Shane:

  1. Resolve to put all CDs and DVDs back in their cases when not in use.
  2. Resolve to stop playing video games for at least one hour per day, even if homework is done.
  3. Resolve to clear a path from the bedroom door to the hamper every day, so Mom can get laundry done.

One of my other resolutions this year is to stop trying so hard to control the actions of others.

That said, I really hope the boys read this and use some of my brilliant ideas in 2018.

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