Get Up Here!

Shane was reading my blog, and was rather disheartened to find so very few blog posts “about” him. He read me about a dozen titles in a row – all of which were focused on his brother.

But he was especially interested in the new blog about his ability to remain anonymous for an infinite number of school bus rides.

He highlighted a short part of the post, and pointed to it. “Mom,” he said. “That’s completely an understatement!”

Then Shane told me the story – the way it really happened. I told him to write it down. And while I proofed it just a tad, I allowed Shane to write my blog post this time.

So here is Shane’s corrected version:


School was finally over. Shane walked to the back of the bus and sat down.

After about a minute, a loud, female voice came through the bus’ loudspeaker. It was the bus driver.

“Hey, you! In the red, in the back of the bus!”

Shane looked down at his outfit. He was wearing all plain black, no red at all. He looked around and saw a few other people wearing red jackets and t-shirts. He decided to go back to minding his own business.

The bus driver angrily spoke again. “You! Get up here! Come to the front of the bus!”

Shane decided to stand up to see if she was talking to him. He pointed at himself and mouthed, “Me?”

“Yes you! Get up here!”

Shane walked up, confused about what he had done to cause this aggression from the driver.

“I’ve never seen you on this bus. You don’t ride this bus!” she said.

“Bus 6195, right?”

“Oh. Never mind. Go back to your seat.”


So, in fact, the school bus driver made the entire experience substantially worse than I remembered. Thanks for sharing, Shane!


  1. Kirsten says:

    Same driver every time. I am astounded.

  2. Janet Moore says:

    Is it the same driver every time? You might want to confront her. I’m thinking of taking a lesson from Carrie.

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