Was Dylan Actually Complimenting Something in the House?

I bought a new kind of hand soap. It’s dye-free, animal-testing-free, non-toxic and naturally plant-based. I love that kind of stuff, but I got really lucky with this.

It also smells great. I went through a phase this summer that caused me to start buying everything I could find with a lemony scent. I bought lemon shampoo and really liked it, and it just spread from there.

Normally, this wouldn’t make it into a parenting blog.

But one day, I was sitting in my home office which is right next to the kitchen, and Dylan was cooking frozen pizzas in the kitchen. He had a friend over, and decided he would make lunch for the two of them. (Dylan can “cook” nearly any processed food now. I am so proud.)

As he was goofing around with his friend in the kitchen, I heard the water running. I didn’t think anything of it. About three minutes later, I heard the water running again.

Then Dylan said to his friend, “Why am I washing my hands again?”

“I don’t know,” said his friend. “Maybe they’re just really dirty.”

“No,” Dylan said. “I think it’s this new soap. It just smells so good, I thought I’d wash my hands twice.”

In the office, I perked up. Was Dylan actually complimenting something in the house?

“Seriously,” Dylan was saying. “It smells like lemons! Smell it!”

Indeed, he was complimenting something in the house. Dylan likes the new soap. To put this into perspective, Dylan has never once told me he likes the new soap. He does occasionally (now that I have begged him) say “thank you” when I make him a meal. And he is never terribly rude about trying a new product.

But this was new. He complimented something.

He doesn’t even know I heard him. But I will probably buy this hand soap for the rest of my existence here on earth, since – at least for one moment – it will remind me of this happy moment.

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