I Can Get Whatever I Want!

As a mom, my birthday takes a backseat to everything related to my kids – but I no longer let that stop me.

My birthday is at the end of August. I begin celebrating sometime in late July (if I can wait that long). For the month of August, I treat myself well.

This is unusual, actually. For the other eleven months of the year, I whine and moan about all the things I wish I had. And if I’m not whining, I’m (at least) thinking about what I don’t have.

I don’t give myself anywhere near the amount of attention (or stuff) I give to my kids.

I don’t want lavish things. I don’t think, I wish I could buy a vacation home or my own private island. I don’t think, I wish I had a 14-carat gold bracelet that glorifies my name with diamonds.

No. These are not the kinds of things I want.

Still, in August, I allow myself to really dream.

For example, I dream when I make fried eggs.

I have four spatulas for flipping. I don’t cook often, but when I do, I only like using one of my four spatulas. I like the green one. But the green one is often in the dishwasher, having been used by someone else. So my choice is to use one of the spatulas I don’t like, or to hand-wash the green one.

Naturally, I use a spatula I don’t like. And I gripe and complain (to myself) the whole time the egg is cooking, because I don’t have the right spatula.

So this year, I bought another spatula. After all, it’s my birthday! I can get whatever I want!

I have no idea if I will like my new spatula or not. I haven’t used it yet. But I am happy, knowing I have a new one. (I bought the green one for my birthday two years ago.)

And this year – in a clever ploy – I took advantage of my birthday for something even more dramatic.

In my bedroom, I have a light switch that, when flicked to the “on” position, illuminates a table lamp in the corner.

For many years, I have been walking into my bedroom and hitting that switch and … I wait and … a tiny ray of yellow light is emitted from the table lamp. For 13 years, since we moved into this house, I’ve gotten nothing but a minimal streak of yellow when I flick that switch.

This means I can’t see what’s in my drawers to find matching clothes. I can’t read a scrap of paper on the dresser across the room. In fact, the only thing I can see is the table beneath the lamp – which I don’t even use, except to strategically hold my alarm clock.

Several months ago, I bought a floor lamp for Dylan to use in his bedroom. It was only $60. But when I hit the switch in his room, I almost cried. It’s so bright in there! Dylan’s whole room lights up, and he can see whatever he wants! Heck, he could even read a book by that light.

But in my room… there was just that tiny ray of light from that little table lamp.

Until now. I bought myself a floor lamp just like Dylan’s. I moved the table lamp to my dresser, and now I have sufficient brightness everywhere!

It’s my birthday! I can get whatever I want!

This year, I got a lamp and a spatula. And I am totally happy.


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