Do You See Any Numbers on There at All?

We were at a hotel this weekend, and I wanted to give Shane an opportunity to “take charge.”

“Here’s the key,” I said, tossing him the key card in its envelope. “You can let us in.”

“Okay,” Shane said. We got off the elevator.

“Which way do we go?” I asked. “What’s the room number?” A large, handwritten “504” was inked with bold, black marker on the envelope.

Shane took the card out of the envelope. He turned the card over a few times.

“I don’t see any room number,” he said.

“Where else might the number be?” I asked.

“I don’t know.” He put the card back in the envelope. I could see the black marker from where I stood, four feet away.

“Do you see any numbers on there at all?” I asked.

He fumbled for another minute. He hemmed and hawed. He turned the card over and over, flipping to and from the black-marker “504.”

Finally, with great pride, Shane said, “504! It says 504!”

We started walking toward our room.

Then Shane said, “I thought it said, ‘SOY.'”

When I looked back at the envelope, indeed the “5” looked like an “S” and the “4” looked like a “Y,” so I could clearly see the word, “SOY.”

Why on earth, I thought to myself, would a key card say SOY?

Sometimes, though, it just doesn’t matter. We laughed about the SOY card all weekend long.

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