We Are Doing A Lot!

We are nearly exhausting ourselves with GREAT things to do to make sure we’re not bored during “no electronics” time.

We have played charades, Zombie Fluxx, Sorry, Rat-a-Tat Cat, Whoonu, Apples to Apples, Family Feud and Zooreka. We’ve even played a version of the Game of Things, which Dylan had to make since we didn’t own the actual board game. Board games seem to be our first choice of things to do when we’re bored – and even Dylan has been on board.

We’ve seen three matinee movies and gone out for ice cream twice afterward. Two of the three were even good movies! We’ve also had movie nights at home. Dylan’s worked a lot at his job, and Shane’s done a lot of volunteer work for community service hours.

We’ve gone kayaking and seen free concerts AND Shakespeare in the park. The kids have hung out at the mall, and I’ve been actually taking some time to read my book – like I do on beach vacations sometimes. I’ve done laundry a bit more willingly than I did when I wasn’t using the computer, although I haven’t done it nearly fast enough for my liking.

We’ve gone to lots of baseball games (mostly because Shane is the mascot) and I’ve played lots of softball. Thanks to my parents, there’s been bowling and ping pong and an all-day amusement area. Today, we’re heading into Washington, D.C. – a place we rarely visit, even though we’re half an hour away – to see an interactive art exhibit. Oh, and on the side, we met an absolutely wonderful author who spent the afternoon with us.

We didn’t want to be bored. As a result, we are utterly exhausted. We are doing a lot! Some people would say it’s maybe even too much.

I can’t say that all of this activity is a bad thing. Sometimes it makes life feel like it’s going too fast. But most of the time, even though life is flying by, without the electronic interference, I’m enjoying every minute of it as it flies.

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