I Have Already Started Making Excuses.

I have a plan for summer.

My plan is to limit electronics time every day – which includes limiting my own electronic time. Four days a week, we will take a substantial chunk out of the day and use it for non-electronics-related fun.

First and foremost, this means we will spend some quality time together. Hopefully I will get to spend some time with my boys, but (also hopefully) they will spend some time together. I doubt that they will use these electronics-free chunks of time to read books.

But they could.

Second, this means that I will not be checking emails, writing blogs, looking up trivial details on the internet, or doing any online work. In spite of the fact that I sincerely do not want to spend my entire summer sitting at my computer, I am a bit nervous about unplugging – even for a few hours.

I know, however, that I will get over this feeling and we will find some things to do with ourselves.

I have already started listing things to do: the zoo, pedal-boating, kayaking, walks in the woods, museums, swimming pools, etc. After all, it is summer.

And I have already started making excuses about why I won’t do those things: it’s too hot; it’s raining; I have to work; the dog is tired.

But I am committed. I am giving this thing a try.

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