Thanks, God.

Dylan is playing Willy Wonka in Willy Wonka.

This means that he opens the show, sings a gazillion times, and helps close out the show, too.

We saw the show last night – opening night.

Let me backtrack for just … one … moment. Dylan has a few problems in school. He doesn’t sit still in class, and he is often doing something that he shouldn’t be doing, instead of doing what he should be doing. He sometimes remembers he has homework, and sometimes he does it. But he rarely turns it in. He’s incredibly intelligent, but there’s a lot of talk about potential and expectations when discussing Dylan’s school work.

Dylan can be a bit … um … challenging.

But he has the voice of an angel. When he sings, I vacillate between melting into a puddle and sobbing uncontrollably.

And in Willy Wonka, Dylan sings a lot. So I spent a lot of opening night in tears, then melting, and then crying again.

I am so proud to be the mother of this incredibly talented singer.

Interestingly, Dylan – who can’t remember to turn in his homework, or do whatever I just asked him to do – had absolutely no trouble rattling off about 117 perfectly timed lines, without missing so much as a word.

I do wonder about ADHD.

Long ago, I heard that babies and toddlers are born with those big, beautiful eyes – so that their frustrated parents won’t kill them.

I’m fairly certain that God has given Dylan this gift for a reason, too.

Thanks, God.


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