Having Two A’s is a HUGE Deal.

I am not supposed to panic.

I am supposed to remain calm. I am supposed to breathe slowly – deep breaths. Relax. I am supposed to let whatever happens … happen.

But there are six days left in the quarter. I can’t see straight, with all the worry.

Shane is trying for straight A’s. I am panicked because he has an 87% in science. I have emailed his teacher, learned what he can do, and relayed the information to Shane.

Shane has done nothing to improve his grade. He just figures it will go up on its own. It will not.

But his science grade isn’t going to be on his college transcript.

I am even more panicked because Shane’s Algebra 1 and Spanish 1 grades are going to be the first grades on his college transcript. If he gets A’s in both classes this quarter, he will have two A’s on his transcript for college.

This may not seem like a big deal to those who have brilliant, non-learning-disabled children. But in this house, having two A’s is a huge deal.

Shane could actually pull it off.

In an interesting twist, there’s a chance – small, but there – that Dylan could get two A’s this semester, too. He will likely get an A in chorus. But if he works like crazy for the next week, especially on one project for his government class, there is a chance that he’ll get an A in that class, too.

I am not holding my breath.

I am also not breathing slowly.

In fact, I am completely panicked over all of it.

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