Who’s Got a Monopoly?

A few weeks ago, we had “game night” at our friends’ house – a wonderful family of four which, like us, includes two brilliant children.  The night was stupendous.  We played some fun games and, because the company was so good, there was lots of laughter.

“Why can’t we get some good games?” asked Dylan on the way home.  “They have good games!”

“We have good games, too,” I told him.  “Sometimes it’s just more fun playing with more people.”

Dylan complained about our board game selection – which is huge – for weeks.  When asked if he wanted to play anything, it never seemed like a good enough idea.  That family actually gave Dylan some great games for his birthday, and he sincerely enjoyed those.  He seemed to believe that if it came from them, it was better.

Then Shane got Monopoly for Christmas.  We had Junior Monopoly, which was fun, but real Monopoly came with the option to buy houses and hotels, to create a business empire, and to – quite literally – monopolize the board.

The kids can’t get enough of this Monopoly.  Shane asked me yesterday – before breakfast – if he could buy Mediterranean Avenue from me.  Dylan asks every few hours if we can play Monopoly some more.  They spend great chunks of time sitting at the table, studying their properties.

It’s awesome.

Dylan, as in life, has also monopolized the board.  He has four houses and a hotel on St. Charles Place, and those of us who are nearly broke can’t pay if we land on it.  I’m ready to mortgage several properties just to keep the game going.

Shane just sold Park Place to Dylan – who already owned Boardwalk – for $1000 plus North Carolina Avenue.  If Dylan doesn’t knock us out of the game on St. Charles Place, we will certainly be panicked on the dark blue side of the board.

We’re having a blast.  It’s interesting to me how they’ve taken to it so easily.  I loved Junior Monopoly for its simplicity.  I’ve held off for years on this version, happily riding ferris wheels and bumper cars instead.

But it’s obvious now that the boys are businessmen at heart.  I’m on my own in the amusement park.

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