Dylan Got a Callback for the Lead.

So this week, Dylan auditioned for his school play.

He had the audition. They asked him to sing two different songs, and one of them twice. He got a callback.

Dylan got a callback for the lead.

He got a callback for the part of Willy Wonka in … Willy Wonka. He spent hours learning the song, perfecting it. It sounded beautiful, what little he shared with me, and we were all a little excited here.

We were also all a little nervous here. Willy Wonka is a huge part, and Dylan barely has time to do his schoolwork as it is. He would have to memorize all those lines, all the songs, all the places he needs to stand – where and when – on stage.

We were also nervous because of Shane, who had just gone through the same thing and didn’t get the part of his dreams.

Well, Dylan didn’t get the part of his dreams, either. After days of agony, he finally saw the cast list this morning.

Dylan got the part of Grandpa Joe.

And – best of all – he is actually excited about it. He’s got a huge part, and he sings sometimes, and he’s going to have a lot of fun playing someone who is really old.

Although they might ask him to cut his hair. I’m not sure he’s thought of that. It’s currently below his shoulders, and green.

Anyway – all is well here in the Hawkins house. Both kids got parts that will be fun to do. Both kids are looking forward to a season of learning lines, singing songs and having fun with the rest of the cast.

It’s going to be a long three months, but it will be worth it.

I’m just thanking God that the auditions are over.

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