Merry Christmas – er, Winter Break.

So it’s Christmas.  Shane performed as a puppeteer in the family service, and Dylan sang Panis Angelicus at the candlelight service.  They both did fantastic jobs.

It is constantly amazing how, when they do something they like, the boys are superstars.  They have no trouble being motivated.  No one has to ask them to pay attention.  They don’t require constant prodding.  I say, “Time to go!” and we go.

I know school is an issue.  I loved school, and wanted to be a teacher.  But my boys don’t love school.  They don’t hate it, but they certainly don’t look forward to it.  They like the social aspects (the only parts I did not like) and would have all-day recess if given the option to do so.

So when it’s Christmas – I mean winter break and I want to read The Moffats to them, or I ask them to work on their homework – even if it’s just P.E. homework – they act like I’ve asked them to read War and Peace.  Today I had to beg to read to them and when we got through half a chapter, I asked if we could stop there and they raced off as if being let loose from a cage.

The good news is, they went back to being creative – filmmaking, mostly, and making up games to play together.  They’re being brotherly and having fun and doing generally wonderful things.  I have two absolutely amazingly beautiful, sensitive, sweet boys who are kind and smart and funny and adorable.  And what did I do to deserve them?  Nothing.

So this Christmas, I can honestly say I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams.  Of course, I knew that yesterday, too.  But today, I’m allowed to say it without fear of retribution.

Merry Christmas, everybody.

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