We Were the Only Ones There.

We had a non-traditional Thanksgiving this year.

Instead of turkey, we went out to an Indian buffet. Instead of pumpkin pie (which, oddly, was offered at the Indian buffet), we went to Ben & Jerry’s. And then, instead of sitting around watching TV, we went to see a movie.

Everywhere we went, we were the only ones there.

At the movie, we spread out in the last row – but there were only a handful of people in the rest of the theater. At Ben & Jerry’s, we came in more than an hour after it opened, and we were the first customers of the day.

It all felt a little surreal, like the world had ended the day before and we hadn’t yet been clued in.

We also had a blast. Having the town to ourselves was a rather novel thing, and we made the most of it. Employees snapped our family photos, and we stopped on the street to admire grass growing in the cracks of the sidewalks. We weren’t sure about where and how to pay for parking – of even if we should pay for parking. But we paid nonetheless.

When Fun-on-the-Town was over, we went home and watched football for hours.

The only bad thing was, when we got hungry during the football game, there were no leftovers in the fridge. In fact, we now have to find something to eat for every meal, all weekend long.

But it was still a very nice day.

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