There Was No Movement in His Room.

Dylan’s job (scaring people) runs late. It runs later on weekends, but it still runs late on weeknights.

Dylan has said, many times, that he can work late and still get up on school days. And for the first few weeks, he did it – quite nicely, in fact.

But one Monday morning, after four solid nights of work, there was no movement in his room.

I went downstairs and made his breakfast anyway. I still heard nothing from upstairs. Then I heard Shane’s alarm. I heard Shane getting ready for school.

I still heard nothing from Dylan’s room. Normally, Dylan is expected downstairs by 6:45. It was 6:50 and the bus arrives at 7:00.

I made Dylan’s lunch anyway. I made Shane’s lunch. I left Dylan’s egg sandwich in the microwave, just in case.

At 6:57, I heard feet racing down the stairs. I assumed it was Shane.

It was Dylan.

He grabbed his lunchbox and threw on his shoes and a jacket. Meanwhile, I nuked his sandwich and threw it into a piece of foil. I handed him a water bottle and an Espresso.

“You didn’t take your vitamins!” I said.

“I have them in my backpack,” he said.

Right, I thought. But he sent me a picture of those vitamins … while he was on the bus.

Which – unbelievably – he caught, and he made it to school on time.

Tonight is Dylan’s last night to work this season.

Thank you, God.

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