There is No Higher Position in the Tech Booth.

Shane came home sick from school.

“I was really sick in fourth period,” he said. “But it was picture day, and I was getting my picture taken in fifth period, so I decided to stay in school.”

I felt for the guy. We kept talking about the day.

“Oh, and Mr. T says I’m going to be the director next year for the Morning Show,” he said – as casually as if he were telling me about his homework.

“WHAT?!” I squealed. “You’re going to be the director?”

The Morning Show is the televised broadcast of morning announcements. Shane has been working in the tech booth since the beginning of sixth grade. Being director means that he would be in charge of the tech booth.

“Yeah, because I’m one of only two seventh graders who will still be here next year,” he said.

Shane tends to put down his own accomplishments. When he makes a good joke, for example, he’ll tell me where he first heard it – even if his timing and re-usage was spot-on. Now he was doing the same thing with being promoted.

“Shane, that’s great!” I said.

“Yeah but really I’m just the only one who knows all the stuff,” he said.

“You know all the stuff!” I said. “That’s great! I can’t believe you’re going to be director!”

There is no higher position in the tech booth.

“Yeah,” he said.

“So tell me exactly what Mr. T said,” I said, still trying to encourage him to feel some pride.

“Well, we were all talking in the booth and Mr. T came in. And one of the kids said, ‘maybe Shane will be director next year.’ And Mr. T said, ‘yeah, he will.’ And then he just walked out.”


This seemed rather anti-climactic.

“That’s great,” I reiterated. “You are going to be a wonderful director!”

“Well, I still need to learn one more thing,” he said. “But I’m going to learn that in a couple of weeks.”

“You have the rest of the year to learn everything,” I said. “You’re going to be a great director.”

And he will.

As long as Shane actually gets to be director, and that half-hearted “yeah he will” actually meant “yes, he will.”

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