This is Where I’m From.

Shane doesn’t like writing poetry, but he wrote this for English class. I know it’s supposed to be my blog, and I should write everything, but I am just so proud. Today, Shane is writing my blog for me. I will just sit back and read it. And again. And again.

Shane had a vision processing disorder when he was young, and couldn’t read without the words jumping around on the page. He went through years of therapy, just to be able to get through a Dr. Seuss book. Now he’s writing poetry, and I cry every time I read it.

There’s a ton of depth and meaning in this thing. Anyone know the shooting star story? Shane does. Anyway, I just love it. So here it is.


This is Where I’m From



I am from the radio of pop music

From peaceful songs and horror stories

I am from the white and black home

Where the smooth walls are ecstatic to see you

I am from the sycamore tree

With leaves of green, It continues to grow


I’m from celebrating Christmas and loving my family

From William and Keith

I’m from playing games and eating dinner

And from using electronic devices

I’m from I love you to the moon and back and you’re mine

And you’re my angel baby

I’m from Pizza and movie night


I’m from the United States and Maryland

Pancakes and Chicken Saute

From a shooting star

And making people happy


I am from the bible

On the book shelf

I am from Christianity

The peace that it brings to my family



  1. Lorrie says:

    I absolutely astounded ( though I shouldn’t be as his Mom is a wonderful writer) by this poem. It is better than anything I could ever imagine someone writing. Shane is super talented & of course I cried!!!!!

  2. Janet Moore says:

    Although I’ve read it a few times before, I find something new to love every time. So beautiful.

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