I Was Very Excited to See Shane.

Dylan and I went out of town for four days to see a music college that Dylan might love. Shane and Bill stayed behind and had a mini-vacation of their own.

Dylan and I had a reasonably wonderful time, arguing only when I mentioned homework, or asked him to try to move more quickly, or told him to put his phone away. Again.

Shane is still a pre-teen. He claims that he’s a tween now. In fact, there are moments when Shane’s behavior utterly stuns me, and I realize that his day, too, will come, when he goes from beautiful baby boy to independent young man.

So when I got home from four days on the road, I was very excited to see Shane. Even though everyone had fun – including Shane and Bill – I’d missed Shane tremendously.

We pulled into the garage and I started to open my door – but a flash that was Shane zipped past like lightning. I got out of the car and looked back, behind the car, where Dylan – cell phone in hand – had gotten out of the car and had been walking toward the house… when Shane arrived.

Shane was hugging Dylan with every ounce of strength he had. And Dylan was hugging Shane back.

Shane is still almost a foot shorter than Dylan, and they were clasped together like that for full minutes. Neither one wanted to let go, and I’m not sure who was happier about the reunion.

I missed my baby, and missed my hug, and missed being the one to whom Shane runs.

But the sight of the two of them so happy to see each other…. Nothing can beat that.

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