And Then I Went to Work.

On the first day of school, I remembered to take pictures of the boys as they headed off. It was the first time in the history of their young lives that we had NO prior “back-to-school” activity. We didn’t meet and greet with teachers. We didn’t go to the school and find out who would be teaching them. We didn’t even have the added assistance of a lengthy orientation process to welcome us to a new school.

They just … went to school.

I took the dog for a walk. I was also starting my new fitness regime, which means I am now taking the dog for daily walks.

And then I went to work.

By that I mean, I had ten billion things scheduled to do. I needed to call the substitute teaching office and sign up for orientation. I needed to look over the list of students to be taught at home. I still do the “home and hospital” teaching for the public schools. I needed to check my work email – and my home email, of course.

I did all of it in ten minutes. I even checked – and responded to – my emails in that time.

Then I went to work on the calendar. I was changing over to the new 2016-17 calendar. I spent nearly an hour scribbling events and times on the new calendar. I even stuck stickers on it, where appropriate.

And when I looked at the clock, I had only one hour before Dylan would be hopping on his bus to come home. Where did the day go? Oh! And I forgot to take a shower!

To think, I thought I’d have time for a nap.

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