Shane Counts These as “Celebrity Sightings.”

Last night, Bill took Shane to a concert.

Shane has been waiting eight months to see this concert. He got tickets for Christmas, when he really liked one Nick Jonas song on the radio. His Christmas list asked for “concert tickets” and Nick Jonas was one of the few musicians on tour in this country whose tickets were on sale before the holidays, so those are the tickets Shane got.

Dylan asked me, while Bill and Shane were gone, why I didn’t get to go to any concerts. After all, Dylan got concert tickets for Christmas, too – and the two of them saw Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. (I love Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood.) So Dylan was confused as to how Dad got all the fun.

I reminded Dylan that I saw Skrillex with him, and also saw Taylor Swift with Shane last summer. We also saw Imagine Dragons last summer – one of Shane’s favorite bands – and Twenty One Pilots this summer, as a family. In case that was insufficient, my dad also took Shane to see American Authors – Shane’s absolute favorite band – along with Andy Grammar.

Shane counts these as “celebrity sightings.” So when there’s a special guest, or an opening act, Shane counts those as “celebrity sightings,” too. Halsey opened for Imagine Dragons. Shawn Mendes opened for Taylor Swift last summer, and has since become a household name for many tween girls. And Jason Derulo made a guest appearance, as well.

For Shane, it’s about sheer numbers. He likes to say he saw … however many celebrities he’s seen. It’s a big deal to him. We can’t afford to keep paying him for these “sightings” at such an alarming rate, but we are happy that he’s happy.

Last night’s tickets were on huge sale – but the concert came with a huge count of celebrity sightings. It wasn’t just a Nick Jonas concert, for example. It was a Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato concert. Mike Posner opened for them. Then Brad Paisley joined Demi, as a featured guest. Then Nick came back out and joined Brad and Demi – just before Joe Jonas also appeared. It turns out that Joe is not only one of the Jonas brothers from back in the day (2013) but now he is the lead singer of DNCE, singers of one of my favorite songs, Cake By the Ocean. That’s like getting two bands in one, and Joe wasn’t even on the ticket!

I kept getting texts from the concert venue; my husband was nearly as excited as Shane.

It was an exciting night for everyone.

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