Shane Needs a Little Help, Too.

Shane – quite suddenly – has two C’s. OVERALL C’s, in two separate classes.

I wasn’t paying much attention to his grades this year, quite honestly, since he had straight A’s during the first quarter and made the honor roll all year long.

But now he has two C’s. He also has a B in the class where the teacher told me in October, “I’d like a whole classroom full of Shanes.” He has A’s in English, Instrumental Music and P.E.

When I look back through the grades that are bringing down his overall grades, they are tests, quizzes, labs. Unlike Dylan, Shane gets his work done on time. But apparently, he isn’t working very hard on … well, anything. He is giving it his bare minimum effort, and he has no idea how to study.

We are not going to wait for him to learn to study. This isn’t something they teach in school. But I can certainly work with him on studying. Just like I’ve worked with him on going back over his work after he completes a quiz – although he rarely actually does go back over his work before he turns it in.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Shane needs a little help, too.

Dylan is brilliant, and we all know that, but his grades are not good. Shane is brilliant and we all know that – except Shane. And while his grades were spectacular at the beginning of the year, they have gone rapidly downhill without the attention Shane needs.

We’re a little late to pull up his grades this year. But we can certainly work on study skills and prepare for next year.

After all, Shane will be taking two high-school-level classes next year, which means they will go on his college transcript. Yep, college. It’s already time to worry about his college transcript.

He is 12.

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