He Literally Has to Be in Two Places at the Same Time.

After much tussling with Dylan’s high school class schedule – trying to fit in IB classes and sufficient hands-on classes to keep him able to focus for four years – he decided to take his required half-year health course online, over the summer.

We have to pay for the course, but it frees up an entire half-year of school for him to take P.E. or chorus or computers, or something else that he really enjoys. So it’s probably worth the small cost.

Getting into these online classes is notoriously difficult – something akin to getting into a popular preschool or getting front row tickets to Madonna. So I emailed my registration form within a minute of opening, then hand-delivered my check. We did not want to miss this wonderful opportunity.

The only caveat for taking the course online is that students must be at two face-to-face meetings, in person, or they pay for the course and don’t get any credit, even if they do all the work. So those two face-to-face meeting dates are VERY important.

We got our confirmation by email, and I jumped up to mark our (still paper) calendar. That’s when I discovered that Dylan is already registered for another class on the exact same date and time.

Dylan is taking Driver’s Ed this summer, too.

One class is from 4-7:15 p.m. The other class is from 4-8:00 p.m.

He literally has to be in two places at the same time, I thought.

I had a brief vision of FaceTiming Dylan into one (or both!) of the classes. I mean, he’s not going to be paying attention at either place anyway.

Then I considered calling the Driver’s Ed people and asking if we could take Class #7 at another location on another day. But that would cost us money and be incredibly challenging.

So I called the school’s “e-Learning” office within five minutes of receiving Dylan’s confirmation email, and explained the situation. I asked if we could change the time (but not the date) of the class – and surprise! It was no trouble at all.

Dylan might be a little late for Class #7 of Driver’s Ed. Okay, he may be half an hour late.

But hey, we got it all in.

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