Perhaps He Did Not.

Today is the last day of the third quarter.

According to the online system, Dylan is still missing a ton of work. But he assures me that he has turned in most of it – or, at least, he thinks he turned in most of it.

“For some of it,” he says with genuine surprise, “I was just too late.”

He’s referring to assignments that were due months ago, that he’d like to turn in today, please.

On Wednesday, he came home with a ton of work to do for English. He had two major assignments that were still “zeros” in the grade book. Dylan spent more than an hour working on them, even after a five-hour play rehearsal. He was exhausted and finally – eventually – went to bed.

On Thursday, I emailed his teacher to make sure he got the assignments (finally) from Dylan. It was really overkill, I know, but Dylan really worked hard on those assignments.

At the end of the day, I got an email. “He had neither of the two assignments listed,” he said. “Dylan told me that he has done them, but that he didn’t turn them in.”

Immediately, I texted Dylan – who claimed everything was done, really, but he didn’t know how to turn in the assignments.

There is no logic in this. It just doesn’t make any sense.

There is nothing rational about being in a classroom for seven months, talking to the teacher after class nearly every day, and not knowing HOW to turn in work.

So Dylan came home with less than 12 hours to get those assignments turned in – two months overdue – and he went upstairs to his computer. Half an hour later I asked him what he was doing.

“I’m adding another paragraph, to make it really good,” he said.

Another half-hour went by. “Did you turn in your English yet?” I asked him.

“I don’t know,” he said. “Let me check.”

Let me CHECK?!?

Ten minutes later: “What are you doing, Dylan?”

“I’m turning in my work. Apparently it didn’t go through the first time.”

Right. Okay.

Perhaps, Dylan actually did what he was supposed to do.

Perhaps he did not.

If he did, he may get a B in the class. If he didn’t, he will have a pretty solid D.

In spite of all my meddling and the substantial teacher assistance, there is nothing anyone else can do.

Dylan’s fate lies squarely with Dylan.

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