We’re Working on Those.

Dylan started the quarter with high hopes and lofty expectations. He said things like, “I’m going to get an A in Geometry, for sure.”

And interestingly, he does have an A in Geometry! A solid 96 percent. With only a week left in the quarter, it is looking like he will get an A.

At the beginning of the quarter Dylan also said, “I’ll probably get an A in English, too.” He loves Shakespeare, and they were reading Romeo and Juliet for most of the quarter.

But he currently has a D in English.

I don’t understand how he has a D in English. At Dylan’s IEP meeting, his English teacher was the only one who showed up. He smiled and said that Dylan is doing much, much better in his class. He sang Dylan’s praises for a full five minutes.

Then I asked the English teacher, “If he’s doing so much better, why does he still have so many E’s?” In Dylan’s case, E’s mean missing work.

“We’re working on those,” his teacher said, still smiling. He seems genuinely pleased with Dylan progress.

I still see a bunch of E’s.

When Dylan got sick and missed school for two full days, his grades plummeted. Dylan brought his failing grades up after that in both History and Spanish – two classes that had, at one time, also made him feel hopeful. He is struggling way more in history this quarter than any other class – and I have no idea why. He did very well in the class, and always got his work turned in. This quarter, though, he started off in a deep hole – three E’s – and has been digging himself out ever since.

He had a crazy-hard time in Biology last semester, but this quarter, he’s doing great. He would have an A in the class, but for three missing assignments that were substantially docked for being turned in so late.

I’m confused by Dylan’s inability to turn in assignments the day they are due. He is working more at home, studying even, yet he has these huge, glaring holes in every class.

Luckily, my job is only to be positive and encouraging.

Somehow, I feel that positivity fading as I am holding my breath and waiting for the end of the quarter.

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