I Am Glad My Kids Fit In.

Saint Patrick’s Day fell in the middle of Shane’s school’s “Spirit Week.” For the first three days, his middle school did not seem very spirited.

“Hardly anybody was dressed up,” he said on the first day – and the second.

But on March 17th, when everyone was supposed to wear green, Shane said, “Everybody went completely crazy!” The green was rampant in his school. And luckily, Shane had remembered to wear green as well.

Dylan said high school was also rather spirited on March 17. One friend, he said, “wore green pants, green socks, green shoes and even sprayed her hair green. But she didn’t wear a green shirt.” He seemed perplexed by her not wearing a green shirt – but I thought wearing green pants was so over-the-top, she probably didn’t need a green shirt, too.

Dylan wore a shamrock-studded bandana around his wrist like a bracelet. The rest of his outfit was not green because, of course, he slept through his alarm, came downstairs late, and forgot that it was St. Patrick’s day until I mentioned the bandana.

Best of all, they both felt spirited and enjoyed the day.

I can remember waiting patiently for March 17, so that I could wear something green, and probably velour. I loved knowing what to wear, showing a touch of individuality while fitting seamlessly in with the crowd.

I saw some teachers at Dylan’s school who were dressed head-to-toe in green and I thought, gee, I am glad I don’t have to do that anymore.

And I thought of all the other things I don’t have to do anymore to “fit in.”

I am glad my kids fit in. But I am also glad I don’t care so much about fitting in now.

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