Dylan Studied Less and Less.

As exams dwindled to a close, Dylan studied less and less.

On his first day of exams, he claimed that the hallways were awash with whispers of, “Nah, I didn’t study at all” and “I only studied for 20 minutes.”

“Good,” I said. “Then you’ll do better than all of those people!”

On day one, Dylan worked straight through lunch – from one exam to the other. He didn’t even take a minute between the two to eat a sandwich. In fact, he didn’t even get a sip of water.

He had 45 minutes after his second exam – Biology – before play practice started. He worked right through those 45 minutes, and ate his peanut butter sandwich while racing down the hall to rehearsal.

Day two was a bit easier for him. He studied substantially less for the second two exams, but he thinks he did well on both. And he finished them (almost) on time.

The night before his last exam, he barely studied at all.

On his final day of exams, he only had one exam – then went out with friends afterward. He didn’t even think much about the test.

Then he went back to school for – again – play practice.

I don’t know what he got on his exams, but he didn’t totally freak out. He thinks he did well. And he studied a lot. So hopefully, he’ll get good grades to show for it.

If not, well, there’s always the spring.

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