The School Play is a Ton of Work.

With the new semester comes all the new extracurricular opportunities.

Winter session of tennis lessons is over, and Dylan would like to try out for the school tennis team. Shane might try intramural tennis, too. Dylan’s in the ski club and goes skiing every Friday. The church starts its activities with renewed vigor, and the Appalachian Service Project team is gearing up for their fundraisers, and saving up for the summer trip.

And Dylan (the veteran) and Shane (for the first time) are both auditioning for their school plays.

The school play is a wonderful thing. It is a great project that can only be accomplished through tons of teamwork. Kids form tight bonds during play practice, and when the show ends and the audience applauds, it’s like no other high in the world.

I had a friend in high school who was on stage “crew” – which is just like being in the play, without enough of the credit. The crew does everything except act. I remember her talking about that high at the end of the show, and the camaraderie she had during “tech week” and the “grand finale.”

At the time, I didn’t understand it at all. I was a mouse who never got involved with the school plays.

Now, watching the team gear up for the play – actors and crew alike – I realize the incredulousness of it all. They take something that is only on paper and bring it to life – real life – and present that thing, in all its splendor, to the world.

The school play is a ton of work. Play practice is five days a week, from two to five hours a day, for almost four months.

And quite honestly, I didn’t want Dylan to do it again this year. He does all the work, but I’m tired just thinking about it.

But Dylan auditioned, saying “I can always turn it down,” and he got the absolute perfect part. He will be singing lead for the opening number – and doing a reprise at the end of the show. For a freshman with an angel’s voice, there is nothing better. He will totally rock the place. So … here we go again.

Shane’s audition is in two weeks.


  1. Kirsten says:

    Did they also perform in college? I am curious to know if this trend will continue – and if we should be looking for colleges with theater programs! 🙂

    • Glenn says:

      I believe it depends on their voice. My oldest daughter’s voice is classic soprano. Not the kind of voice you need for broadway type musicals. So she doesn’t do musicals in college. However, she performs in concert choir at college. The school music department even have her some scholarship money. She really enjoys performing and singing there.

  2. Glenn says:

    Both my daughters preformed in musicals, middle school and high school. I think it was a wonderful experience for them!

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