May All Your Dreams Come True.

Dear Boys,

Gifts are just “stuff.” They are material possessions, not really worth anything important in life. Still, on Christmas, I want you to know…

With every gift you open, know that I thought about you. I love you so much, that I thought and thought about what you wanted most in the world. And if I couldn’t give you what you wanted most in the world, I thought hard on how to give you the next best thing.

Every single gift, even the tiniest one, is meant to bring you joy and happiness, which is what I want most for you in the world. I know that money can’t buy the things that bring the most joy, but with every gift you open, I hope you are completely enveloped in the love that was used to wrap it.

And perhaps most importantly of all, I want your Christmas to be full of those happy, gorgeous childhood wonderment memories that I’ve been carrying with me for all these years. My parents gave me so much, and so many gifts that – so obviously – were wrapped in that same love. And on Christmas, I knew that someone thought about ME. 

I knew I was loved. Most of all, that’s what I want for you this Christmas. Please know that you are loved today, and every day.

Merry Christmas. May all your dreams come true.



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