Look What I Did.

With the Christmas holiday FAST approaching, I am still struggling to keep Dylan on track.

His last eight grades in Biology are D’s and E’s, and he added a zero to the pile when a study packet was somehow passed out without him ever knowing about it. He got 3 E’s for missing work in Spanish and U.S. History. And while he wasn’t able to find any of his missing work, he managed to find a long-lost Geometry paper at 11 p.m. on Sunday night.

While he got ready for the biology test that he expects will rescue his grade from the ditch, I scoured the internet for new app’s for his new cell phone. Now that he has a phone with no data block (his birthday gift), he can download a much better scheduling app to help him keep track of his work. Dylan spent this entire time upstairs on his new phone – not a huge surprise, given that he “only” had one essay to write for homework.

As I narrowed the app list down to a handful of choices, Dylan walked in, waving his phone in my general direction.

“Look what I did,” he said. And he played a video for me, featuring a Christmas carol with four separate harmonizing parts.

ALL of the parts were Dylan singing.

They blended beautifully. There was a low part, a high part, and two melodic parts that simply worked together.

Instead of sounding like an angel, he sounded like four angels.

Since my brain doesn’t work that way, and I have no capacity for harmony, I was blown away. My son was singing in four-part harmony, all at once, and he sounded spectacular.

“It’s my new app,” he said. “I saw it a long time ago and now I finally got it.”

He tried to show me some other (not important) people who videoed themselves on the app – but I wasn’t interested.

I just sat and watched it over and over and over again.

And cried and cried and cried.

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  1. Lorrie says:

    It was fantastic! I listened to it over & over again too.

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