Are You Busy or …?

I sent Dylan and Shane, on their own, to get ice cream after school. Because the ice cream place is within walking distance from their  schools, students often gather there.

Midway through their unsupervised time, I got a text from Dylan:

“nadia invited me to go to panera btw”

“when?” I texted back.

“after this I guess”

“we’re having movie night tonight”

We have a weekly pizza and movie night, which was already in jeopardy because the kids had eaten so much ice cream.

“yeah but I’ll be back by 6”

It was already 4:00. I wasn’t even picking up the kids until 4:30 and Panera was not next door.

“what are you going to do at Panera if you don’t eat?”

“I’ll probably just get a cookie and talk”

That’s what Dylan needs – a cookie after his $9 bowl of ice cream. And I barely know Nadia. Is she old enough to drive?

“who’s driving?”


Me?!? I thought she invited him…?

So Dylan wants me to pick him up from the ice cream place, drive him to Panera, drive Shane home, then turn around and drive back to Panera and pick him up? So that he can have a $3 cookie after his $9 ice cream?

I picked up my phone to rant into the voice activation system. I punched the microphone button and opened my mouth.

But nothing came out.

“I’m dumbstruck,” I finally texted. “The answer is NO.”

“why?” Dylan texted back. “are you busy or…?”

I didn’t bother to reply.

I was too busy driving to the ice cream place to pick up my kids – and take them home.

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