I Helped and I Helped and I Helped.

I woke up, well before dawn, and wrote Dylan a letter. Given our propensity for loud arguments, I just couldn’t talk to him anymore. One of the things I wrote about now sounds eerily familiar – like maybe I’ve done this before….

You asked me for help – years ago – with your classes. You were quite young, and you needed my help. You couldn’t remember what your homework was, or when it was due, and you couldn’t turn in classwork even though everyone else in the class did.

So I helped. I helped and helped and helped. I helped until I was utterly exhausted. And you continued to do the same things, over and over, expecting different results. You continued to not do your homework, not know when things were due, and not turn things in. And yet – I continued to help.

The rule of “‘E’ = No Electronics” will stand. That is not going to change. And yesterday, as usual, you told me all of your homework was done, that you had no homework or studying to do, and that you were doing fine in all of your classes.

Today you have an ‘E’ in Spanish. You have two ‘D’s and an ‘E’ in Biology. You still have four E’s in Geometry. You are putting in only a tiny amount of effort, and your grades reflect that. You are spending your time texting and playing the piano, and your grades reflect that.

You’ve been getting away with this for years. You have ‘extra help’ from the school, who allows you extra time. You have teachers who are asking YOU if you’ve got everything turned in. And yet, you don’t turn in things on time. You don’t even seem to know they exist.

There will be no more electronics until the E’s are cleared up on Edline. It’s the one thing we can control. The rest is up to you. I give up. I really, really, really give up.

And then, for the millionth time, I gave up.

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