Why Did You Buy THAT?

Two-percent milk was on sale at Costco, so I thought we’d give it a try. Generally we drink one-percent or fat free, primarily because I have issues with dairy intolerance (and weight). So the kids have been drinking the lower fat stuff forever.

Knowing that the difference is minimal, I really didn’t think about it.

But Dylan and Shane came home from their afternoon dentist appointment and opened the fridge door, aghast.

“What’s two-percent milk?” Shane asked.

“Yeah, why did you buy that?” Dylan queried.

They stomped around the kitchen a bit, complaining. We still had plenty of the lower fat milk, but the boys needed time to object to this radical change.

The carton has blue lettering instead of yellow.

“It looks completely different.”

“Yeah, why would anybody buy this kind?”

“What’s the difference between two-percent and one-percent?”

“Why have we been drinking fat-free milk all this time?”

I left the room.

This morning, I sat down at the breakfast table with Shane.

“Do you know what, Mom?”

“What, Shane?”

“Two-percent milk is pretty good. I had two glasses of it last night.”

“I’m glad you like it,” I said.

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