I Wish I Had a Whole Class Full of Shanes.

Shane’s first middle school report card came home: Honor Roll, and straight A’s.

We are all so proud.

I went to his teacher conferences. Other than his math teacher, who has issues of her own and doesn’t seem to know who Shane is, his teachers absolutely oozed praise for Shane.

All of his teachers showed me his grades. None of them said, “The only problem is…” They simply showed me his grades, which were all good, and talked about how wonderful it was to have Shane in class.

“He’s very bright.”

“He’s a real delight.”

“He follows directions, turns in his work, and if he needs something, he has no trouble asking me for it.”

“He seems to really enjoy what we’re learning.”

And – my personal favorite, from his World Studies class – “I wish I had a whole class full of Shanes.”

When I told Shane about it later, he said, “I didn’t even know my World Studies teacher liked me.”

I didn’t even spend the allotted 10 minutes with every teacher. I found myself talking about Dylan – three times! – just to keep the conversation going.

In a way, I was pitiful.

But there was nothing to discuss about Shane. I just sat back and soaked it in. Shane’s got it under control. He’s doing everything right. And he’s happy in middle school.

It’s crazy, I know.

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