What Was Due Today…?

When the first quarter had ended, Dylan’s grades – we thought – were amazingly good: four B’s and three A’s.

So we calculated his grade point average and decided he had a 3.0 – but a 3.7 when we considered his weighted GPA, since he’s taking three honors courses. This also included the two B’s he got in 8th grade for high school level classes.

Then we found out that his geometry grade had dropped from an A to a B because he’d forgotten to turn in the last three homework assignments. So he ended up with five B’s and two A’s.

Still, these are grades for which anyone can be proud. Dylan is rocking high school. And heck, he may actually get into college someday.

But the sudden grade drop in Geometry was a shock to everyone. Dylan had an A for the whole quarter – and then suddenly, POOF!, he neglected to do  – or turn in – his work. (I never know which is true.) He was upset – but it is only the first quarter. There is still time.

Best of all, the very next day, he went up to his teacher and, for the first time, he said, “What was due today and what do I need to do for tomorrow?”

I almost cried when he told me. I’d been asking Dylan to do that since he was in sixth grade! I jumped up and gave him a huge hug and kissed his ear, because he is much taller than me and I can’t reach his face without help.

The next day, Dylan didn’t ask that specific question again – but he did talk to his teachers again. Hopefully, the trend will stick. Maybe the grades will go up to a level that actually represents his brilliance.

All he needs to do is turn in his work.

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