How Mom Learned to Stop Texting and Shut Up.

Your friend absolutely cannot hang out on a school night.

Its legit just for half an hour. I’ve been working throughout rehearsal on homework so that I will have literally everything done.



Your commitment right now is to the school play. You do not have an extra half an hour on a school night until the play is over. And this is not a decision that you should have made without asking us first!

I didn’t, she said she was gonna come down and see me during rehearsal. It was just a question of if we could go to the shopping center afterwards. She doesn’t have to, I just thought it would work out well since she was gonna come down anyway.

She should not be visiting you during rehearsal. She is not in the play. She does not go to your school. I hope that she has not been hanging out at your school. I like her but you should have other priorities right now. For the record, there will not be a good time for you to see her until the play is over, unless you want her to go to church with you on Sunday, or she can come over for dinner on Sunday after your tennis lesson.

Mom. She just wants to see me. I have other priorities. After rehearsal is over, I will literally have everything done for the night. What makes you think I have more to do? She is coming Sunday she already agreed.

Cool. I am glad she is coming Sunday. And there are no available weeknights until the play is over. Period.

But I’m serious, all my priorities are out of the way. If I come home I will basically have nothing to do but kill time. I will have everything and I mean everything out of the way. I’m sure there’s room to hang out with her for only 30 minutes after rehearsal.




So you would rather I come home and do some random stuff instead of hanging out with someone? Okay great. I understand that you don’t want me to but I don’t understand what reason there is behind it…

I’m sorry that you don’t understand. That makes me sad. The next time you ask me to see her on a weeknight before the play is over, we will cancel Sunday too.

Okay but I just don’t get it. I will literally be done with everything. Please just tell me what difference the half an hour makes that’s all I’m asking. I’m not trying to start an argument. Please don’t be mad. I’m just confused.

I am not mad. I am tired of saying the same thing over and over again. Whether or not you are finished with your schoolwork, and I’m not convinced that you are, weeknights are reserved for school. I suggest that rather than just sitting there, you study for an upcoming test, work on an upcoming project, or find some other schoolwork that you can get ahead on.

I’m done with my work that’s what I’m saying!!!!

Great! Then get ahead on tomorrow’s work.

I can’t! I have nothing more to do! That’s what I’m saying, I worked my butt off this whole rehearsal to be done for this one half an hour!

Fine. Then sit there and do nothing. I am sick to death of texting you and answering the same question over and over and over and over and over. The answer is no. I will see you when you get home.

So you don’t have a reason?

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