So Where Are You Going?

Shane hand-delivered his letter to the Morning Show supervisor.

I’d walked him in, to show him where the studio is located, and we waited so that I could show him which adult was the Morning Show teacher.

Meanwhile, one of Dylan’s old teachers saw me – and came up to me with arms outstretched.

“How is Dylan doing?” she asked excitedly. “Is this his little brother?”

Shane smiled shyly but politely. I said, “It is – this is Shane! And Dylan’s doing great! We were just talking about you yesterday!”

At about the same time, the Morning Show teacher appeared in the hallway. I pointed him out to Shane. Then I started yammering on with Dylan’s former science teacher, forgetting the entire reason that I’d come into the school. We chatted like long lost pals.

Next thing I knew, the science teacher was headed to her room – and Shane was headed off with his backpack down the hall.

“Shane!” I called. “Come here!”

“Okay,” Shane said, hesitantly coming back to me.

“Did you give him the letter?”


“So what happened?”

“Nothing,” he said. He seemed anxious to go.

“Okay. But you gave him the letter. So where are you going?”

“He said I could stay and watch,” Shane said. “I have to put my backpack in my locker.”

“Oh!” I said. “Okay, go! Have a great day!”

Shane had taken care of everything. He was allowed to stay and watch!

That evening, I asked him how it went. “Fine,” he said.

“Did you ask the teacher if you should come back on Tuesday?” (All this happened on the Friday before a three-day weekend.)

“No,” he said.

“Well, what did he say when you left?”

“Nothing,” Shane said.

Three days later, over breakfast, Shane suddenly asked if I could drive him to school so that he could go to Morning Show.

“Sure,” I said, astutely aware that Shane had not been officially invited back. But I wasn’t going to keep him home if he wanted to try again.

On the way to school, I reminded Shane to do the right thing. I said, “You need to ask your teacher if you are part of the show or not.”

“Okay,” Shane said. “But last time, he just told me they needed more help in crew, so he told me to go in there and work.”

“So you’re on the crew?” I asked. How did he not tell me this?

“I guess so,” he said.

And that – I think – is how Shane joined the Morning Show.

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