It’s Amazing What Can Happen in 23 Minutes.

I have been watching “World’s Worst Mom” on TV, since it is helmed by Lenore Skenazy, whose “free range kids” concept has been my parenting inspiration. Years ago, Lenore allowed her 10-year-old to ride the subway alone – and ended up making national news, a book, and now a TV show to support her parenting style.

She’s my reminder to step outside my fears and allow my kids to be kids.

Meanwhile, the parents on her new TV show make me look like Mom of the Year. With all of my screeching and changing rules and odd negotiation tactics with my tw/eens, I actually look good.

A mom of a 10- and 12-year-old wouldn’t allow her children to have playdates. They couldn’t play in the backyard unsupervised. And when they tried to actually bounce on their own trampoline, they were reprimanded. What is the point of having a trampoline if the kids can’t bounce?

Luckily, Lenore stepped in and saved the day. The mom – who was deathly afraid of water, but owned both a backyard swimming pool and a boat – actually took a 10-story plunge on a water slide by the end of the show.

It’s amazing what can happen in 23 minutes.

Another mom, on another episode, wasn’t as fortunate. She determined Lenore to be completely insane, and insisted that her five kids would never, ever, ever walk the three blocks to school without her – even though they were ecstatic during the trip made especially for the show. (I suppose mom allowed it since the cameraman followed them the whole way to keep them safe.)

I feel better, knowing that there are parents who are more neurotic than I am. It’s sad that it takes a set of parents willing to imprison their own children to make me feel better – but it certainly does.

For now.


  1. Kirsten says:

    Oh, Chris is in a class all by himself! He has WAY more accomplishments at 23 than I do at 50! 🙂

  2. Kirsten says:

    Lorrie, you may be my biggest fan. 🙂 Thanks for the non-stop reassurance and love. I think there’s a basic theme that runs through my life – that of my constant fear that no matter what I do, it will never be enough. As you know, I even tried doing nothing for awhile to see if that worked! But parenting is my biggest challenge and greatest love. So while I continue to work on believing that I’m okay, it is nice to have others believing in me, too. It’s awesome having you on my side!

  3. Lorrie says:

    Kir I keep telling you that you are a great Mom. Your 2 boys know that you love them and will do anything to make their lives better. You’re fun and you expose them to all sorts of adventures. You’re involved in the things that interest each of them. You and Bill have both given your sons unconditional love and understanding their entire lives. What more could a kid want or need. Keep up the great work, you have raised two extraordinary young men. Stand back and be proud it that accomplishment!

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