He Is At Peace With His Universe.

Dylan is still going gangbusters with regard to schoolwork.

He does his homework on time, without any prodding from me. He puts it in his backpack the night before. He leaves for school completely prepared. He remembers to take his guitar on the right days. He remembers his lunchbox – both ways.

He checks his agenda book to make sure he is doing the right work. He talks to his teachers after class, to make sure he’s turning in the right things. And he’s having fun with his friends – from both schools, and from church – whenever he can.

He takes time to talk to me, to his brother, to his dad. He is still texting like crazy – all the time – but only after his homework is done.

Best of all, he smiles. He laughs. He is at peace with his universe.

In his spare time, he’s making digital music, and oh my – he is so good at this! He builds songs, quite literally one note at a time. The songs have four or five different tracks that, simultaneously, make an actual song. And he does all of this with very limited software (I think it cost $5) using – really – his incredibly musical brain.

It’s like someone removed the “teen angst” chip from my son’s programming, and replaced it with the “teen strength” chip.

He is happy instead of sullen. He’s acting the way he did this summer – mature, responsible and really, really fun.

Again, I hate to get my hopes up. But I simply cannot help it.

It seems as though my little boy is growing up.


  1. lorrie says:

    Praise for answered prayers!

  2. Janet Moore says:


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