This Happens Every Summer.

Dylan has been out of school (and therefore, off of medication) for more than a week now.

He is doing great.

I don’t mean, he’s doing fine and he’s better than he was before. I mean, he’s doing great. He is happy. He hasn’t had a single bout of depression or rage. He’s been angry with me when I’ve imposed rules he didn’t like, but then he went back to being Happy Dylan.

He is bouncy, yes, but not so much that it’s interfering with his life. Dylan does a lot of ball-bouncing and singing, which gets louder as he gets more tired throughout the day. He’s been this way since he was old enough to sing and bounce balls. It can be aggravating if you’re trying to watch TV or talk on the phone, but mostly it is just fine.

This is the Dylan I have always adored. He is creative and funny and fun to be around. He is silly and great with Shane. He is caring and conscientious  and brilliant. And he is really, really interesting.

This happens every summer – even before medication – that I rediscover Dylan’s beauty and uniqueness and awesomeness. When left to his own devices, and not forced to live in the box that is school, Dylan is perfect and wonderful and – most importantly – content.

I don’t want him to go back to school.

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