Month: August 2016

This Made Me Wonder If I Should Bother Writing Anymore.

After a week-long vacation, I am finally back to write more blogs.

Thanks to my technical inadequacy, I wasn’t able to sign in to the site from Bill’s laptop. And can you believe, notĀ one single personĀ contacted me – not even my own parents! – to locate their Daily Dose of This made me wonder if I should bother writing anymore – and then I remembered that people talked me into continuing just a few short weeks ago, and that I also paid for the rights to my website name for next three years.

So you are all stuck with me, coming back and writing more about parenting.

However, since I have only just returned from vacation, I am exhausted. I will write more about parenting another time.

Check back on Wednesday, if you’d like. Hopefully by then, I will have sifted through my thoughts and created something delightful to read.

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